Ben’s Memorial Fund

Ben started his life living in terrible conditions, a victim of animal hoarding. He lived on a property in squalid conditions with hundreds of other dogs. Piles of feces. Puddles of urine. Many dogs with untreated ailments so serious that they had to be euthanized.

But Ben was one of the lucky ones. As a result of an Animal Legal Defense Fund investigation and lawsuit, Ben, along with over 300 dogs, were rescued from a horrible fate and placed into permanent loving homes.

And Ben thrived. For over 10 years he lived in the care of former Animal Legal Defense Fund Board Member Michelle Kownacki. Ben was a regular fixture at parties and events held by Michelle to fundraise for the Animal Legal Defense Fund. He was always a good sport, patiently posing for photos and being a great mascot for the cause of animal protection. Ben was also the official greeter dog at Paws Pet Boutique in Annapolis, Maryland, where he would welcome people and dogs alike to the store. He was a beloved companion, and he loved his life.

Sadly, Ben passed away on Thanksgiving in 2015 from complications of an emergency gallbladder surgery. He will be missed deeply by all of us, and to preserve and honor his memory we have founded Ben’s Memorial Fund.

Ben’s Memorial Fund will accept donations in honor of Ben—and the countless other dogs rescued from cruelty—and use the funds to fight puppy mills and support the prosecution of animal cruelty. Please make a gift today to support Ben’s Memorial Fund, and help the Animal Legal Defense Fund win the case against cruelty.

Gift Frequency and Amount

Remember the Animal Legal Defense Fund in your will, using federal tax ID number: 94-2681680.

Animal Legal Defense Fund advocates for greater legal protection for animals. As such, the majority of mailings sent by Animal Legal Defense Fund are used for both education and fundraising. If you review our 990, you will see this reflected under joint cost allocation on pg 10.

Mail-in donations may be sent to:
Animal Legal Defense Fund
525 East Cotati Ave.
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